Logistics and Travel

Arrival Information | Tuesday, March 26, 2024

If you are arriving in Israel on Tuesday, March 26

  • All flights must arrive by 10am.
  • We will provide buses from Ben Gurion Airport to our hotel, Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh. Buses will transport participants, luggage, and bikes. If enough participants are interested, we will also provide transportation from Jerusalem and/or Tel Aviv. Exact bus schedules will be provided once we have participants’ flight information.

If you are arriving in Israel prior to Tuesday, March 26:

  • Participants can choose to meet our group at Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh or can meet one of our buses at the airport.
  • If a sufficient number of participants will be coming from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, we will provide a bus from a central location in one or both cities.

departure Information | Tuesday, April 2, 2024

​Our trip officially ends at the conclusion of dinner and our final evening program on Monday, April 1. Breakfast at our hotel on the morning of Tuesday, April 2 is included.

  • For flights departing after 7pm, we will provide shuttle buses to the airport from our hotel, the Prima Music Hotel, Eilat.
  • If there are a sufficient number of participants who would like transportation from our hotel to Jerusalem and/or Tel Aviv, buses will be provided.

bike rentals

Don’t want to bring your own bike? Renting a bike is easy, and our partners at Bike Jerusalem will help you every step of the way with setting up and fitting your bike, as well as bike maintenance throughout the trip.

View bike rental information here

bike transportation

If you are planning to bring your own bike, and will be arriving early or leaving late, for an additional fee you may have your bike picked up from the airport and stored until our journey begins and/or until your departure flight.

View bike transportation information here


Tuesday, March 26: Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh
Wednesday, March 27: Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh
Thursday, March 28: Kedma Hotel & Spa, Sde Boker
Friday, March 29: Kedma Hotel & Spa, Sde Boker
Saturday, March 30: Kedma Hotel & Spa, Sde Boker
Sunday, March 31: Kibbutz Ketura (riders) | Prima Music Hotel, Eilat (hikers)
Monday, April 1: Prima Music Hotel, Eilat (all)