Rider Profile | Shawna Goodman-Sone

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Shawna Goodman-Sone is a rider representing Camp Ramah in Canada. Shawna described the following about the experience of Shabbat together this past weekend:

“Coming together as a Ramah bike ride community was solidified as we all shared in the celebration of Shabbat during Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv services. Over the years, through my involvement in my children’s Jewish day school, the synagogue, and the community, I have struggled to emulate a ‘Ramah style’ service. This past Shabbat I finally achieved it as our group of bikers — who were strangers only 4 days ago — came together for a beautiful davening experience.”

Shawna explained her joy in realizing that the experience she had at Camp Ramah in Canada is attainable beyond the physical boundaries of the campus.

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