Ride and Hike Day 5 | Desert and Oasis: Our Journey Concludes

Karen BrierCentral Israel Trip 2017

“…the hills were tough, the sun was hot, and the headwinds were strong. However, the camaraderie of the 100+ riders, hikers, and volunteers; the new friends we made and the old friends we saw again; the places we rode/hiked; the sites we visited; the Jewish history we learned; and most importantly, the individuals in the Ramah Tikvah programs who will really benefit from the funds raised, inspired me, and I suspect everyone else, to dig down deep for that extra energy to reach our summits and personal goals.”  – Mark Cohen, rider

The 2017 Ramah Israel Ride and Hike concluded on Monday, with our riders and hikers facing their final challenges before joining together at the Ein Gedi Hotel and Spa, next to the Dead Sea. We hope that you will enjoy this video with highlights from our trip.

We are so grateful to the more than 3,000 supporters who have enabled us to exceed our original fundraising goal. As of today, our riders and hikers have raised $467,000 to support Ramah Tikvah programs. There is still time to support this important effort!

You can access photos, videos, ride and hike itineraries, and our daily blog by clicking here. Additional photos will be posted in the coming days.

Again, many thanks for all of your support.

Rabbi Mitchell Cohen, Director
Amy Skopp Cooper, Associate Director
National Ramah Commission, Inc. of The Jewish Theological Seminary