Ride and Hike Day 4 | From Jerusalem To Beersheva

Karen BrierCentral Israel Trip 2017

After a peaceful Shabbat in Jerusalem, our riders and hikers made their way down south today. Watch today’s video and check out some of today’s photos – more coming soon!

Our hikers explored the Judean lowlands, trekking across rolling hills in the Ella Valley with views of vineyards and fields. Arriving in Adulam Park, some of the hikers climbed down into caves dating back to the time of Bar Kochba. The ancient winery in Adulam Park was quite the contrast to the modern Ella Valley Winery, where the hikers ended the day with a wine tasting.

Today’s beautiful biking took all the riders from the lush vineyards and fields of the Judean hills to the northern Negev desert, through rolling hills just inside the Green Line often adjacent to the security barrier. Many riders then toured the world renowned Netafim drip irrigation factory,  which provides advanced agricultural technology to countries across the globe.

Our participants continue to find meaning in being together to raise funds for Tikvah. Ron Wechsler, one of our riders, said tonight, “I keep returning to Israel on the Ramah Israel Ride because the Ramahniks I meet are absolutely wonderful people. It is so terrific to be included as part of the greater Ramah community!”

We have raised $456,000 as of this evening, surpassing our original fundraising goal of $450,000. We are now in Beersheva, getting ready for an early departure to Masada and Ein Gedi tomorrow morning.

Layla tov from Southern Israel,

Rabbi Mitchell Cohen, Director
Amy Skopp Cooper, Associate Director
National Ramah Commission, Inc. of The Jewish Theological Seminary