Ride Day Three | The Greatest Physical Challenge

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Another great day on the Ramah Galil Ride. We all biked from our hotel in the Golan Heights through some beautiful lands, with plenty of goats, cows and sheep, and the gorgeous flowers of springtime. We climbed through two Druze villages, and then most riders took a bus up to the top of Mt. Hermon, the highest point in Israel, on the Syrian and Lebanese borders. About 15 riders made the entire climb by bike, a great accomplishment and “one of the greatest physical challenges I have ever done,” according to some.

We then biked, almost all downhill, for 18 miles into the Upper Galil, stopping for breaks at Hurshat Tal and Agamon HaHula, where we toured the nature reserve and lake.
Everyone arrived at Kfar Giladi, a lovely kibbutz hotel, happy and thoroughly exhausted.

After dinner and our daily briefing about tomorrow’s ride, some Riders toured the kibbutz’ underground arms warehouse which secretly stored illegal guns and
ammunition for the Hagana under the British Mandate prior to the War of Independence in 1948.

After ma’ariv many Riders hung out in the lobby, some checking the Ride website for blog entries and photos.

Spirits are high, and we’re all ready for our early rise and ride along the Lebanese border tomorrow (the Israeli army just cleared our route today) and then south toward Ma’alot, stopping at the Galil Winery, a crusader fort, and giving the strongest riders the option to climb Mt. Meron.

Many guests will join our group for a wonderful Ramah shabbat and a much needed rest after our first three days of biking.

Most Riders are still soliciting donations for our Special Needs programs, with now over $203,000 raised from over 1,500 donors.

Layla tov from the northern tip of Israel.


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