Ride Day One | The Uphill Challenge

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What a fantastic (and exhausting!) first day of the Ramah Galil Ride! We started at Katzrin and biked, mostly uphill, to the south eastern section of the Golan, overlooking the Syrian border. After a refreshing break with snacks and drinks we visited Tel Saki, an army bunker which played an important role in the 1973 Yom Kippur war. We then headed north for 17 miles to Alonei Habashan for a relaxing lunch.

According to a number of Ramah Riders, those 17 miles were some of the toughest biking that many have done, as the uphill climbing seemed endless. Some riders chose to hop onto the bus for the last few miles, and all felt a great sense of accomplishment.

Many riders, after lunch, climbed Mt. Bental, yet another difficult ascent, to see the extraordinary views of Syria, Lebanon and Israel, and to meet with the rest of the group who went up by bus.

According to Yoni Goldstein, who together with fellow 17-year old rider Adam Strub inspired all with their endurance, “I believe in this ride because I believe in Tikvah. I feel, in a way, that I’m riding to support all the kids with special needs and I’m proud we could raise so much funding to help.” See a brief video of their arrival here.

We arrived at our lovely housing at Merom Golan, and after dinner and an interesting discussion with Green Party leader Alon Tal about environmental challenges facing Israel, we prepared ourselves for tomorrow’s ride.

Thursday’s route will take us all the way up to Mt. Hermon, and then all the way down to the Hula Valley, again with incredible views throughout.

I am so pleased to report that all riders, from 13-70 years in age, biked hard and safely, have bonded together as a group, and are looking forward with great anticipation to the adventures ahead.

We have surpassed all the fund raising forecasts, with over $203,000 raised from almost 1500 donors, and the effort continues.

On behalf of all the Ramah Riders, layla tov from Northern Israel.

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