Ride Day Five | Crossing The Finish Line

Karen BrierNegev Trip 2013

What a thrill! After hours of mostly uphill cycling in the scorching desert heat (with some of us choosing to climb a very steep mountain), we all began the three-mile final leg of our journey, a descent into Eilat. The road narrowed; we entered a mountain pass, and as we emerged, the Red Sea was visible in the distance. Our destination was within sight, and the sheer natural beauty was almost overwhelming.

As the last rider pulled into our lunch stop on Dekel Beach in Eilat, the 2013 Ramah Israel Bike Ride was officially complete, with everyone safe and pleased. We enjoyed a barbecue lunch, then rode the last couple of miles to our hotel, where bikes were returned or packed for flights, showers were taken, and all began to relax.

Tonight after dinner we held our final group meeting. So much appreciation was expressed, as well as satisfaction over very successful fundraising, a great week in Israel, numerous new friendships, and the tremendous physical challenges accomplished on both the Ride and the Hike.

We continue to express our appreciation to all of our supporters, to a great team of staff, and mostly to all of our hikers and riders who gave so much of themselves to this incredible experience.

Ramah can be very proud of this newest Israel experience and group of peers, ages 13-73. We look forward to another successful Ramah Israel Challenge, hopefully in 2015.

We hope you have enjoyed following our adventures. May all of our participants travel home safely.

Layla tov from the city of Eilat.

Rabbi Mitchell Cohen, National Ramah Director