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Camp: Ramah California, Ramah Wisconsin

About an hour into the ride after leaving beautiful Ein Gev on the picturesque Sea of Galilee to start a 250 mile journey, I asked myself – WHAT WAS I THINKING! Really – what was I thinking…250 miles through Northern Israel, am I CRAZY? Someone really should have shown me a map! . . . Truth is I recommend this ride to everyone and would have loved to share it with you all. I would not take back a single peddle, hill or view for a second. To say that this was a trip of a lifetime would be an understatement. . . . As many of you know, my motivation for doing this ride was to honor my mother-in-law, Roz – who continues to be an inspiration for me not only for having raised two amazing daughters and for opening up my eyes to the challenges of raising a child with special needs (at a time when Tikvah programs were not available), but for her continued courage, humor and determination to battle cancer. . . . Thank you again for your continued support of Camp Ramah, the Tikvah programs and me.

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