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Camp: Ramah Darom

I returned from Israel last week on what was one of the most incredible experiences in my life. All forty riders and staff bonded immediately, and the ride was incredible. The views of the mountains and vistas of the Galil and the Golan were spectacular. A highlight for me was Day Two, the bike climb up Mount Hermon, a physically challenging but amazing experience. But this trip had a special purpose, and believe it or not, one of the highlights for me, following three days of grueling mountain climbs, occurred after Friday Night Shabbat Dinner. As a group, we sat with Barbara and Herb Greenberg, the pioneers of the Ramah Tikvah program for kids with special needs, over thirty years ago. They currently live in Israel, having made Aliyah five years ago. When schools were first trying to figure out how to properly integrate students with special needs into their curriculum, Barbara and Herb had a vision to enable Jewish kids to have the incredible summer experience that we all simply refer to as “Ramah.” Years later, Tikvah has become the crown jewel of each and every Camp Ramah. For me this is what this ride was all about.

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