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After a day and a half of preparations as a group in Israel, the first-ever Ramah Galil Ride is ready to set off tomorrow morning from the city of Katzrin in the Golan Heights.

Most riders arrived at Ein Gev, on the eastern shore of the Kinneret, Monday evening. The last few joined our group today.

The excitement is palpable. After hours of preparation–including setting up bikes, giving out rider clothes and gear, detailed briefings from Dr. Joe Freedman of RPI and our professional bike staff from Galgalil, practice rides, map overview and bike safety instructions–we are all ready to roll.

Today was also delightful, as the Riders, representing all Ramah camps and ranging in age from 13 to 70, quickly bonded as a group, sharing Ramah stories and biking tips, and even having time for a fascinating 2 hour bus excursion to the ancient Golan city of Gamla, often labeled “The Masada of the North.”

A great cheer went up from the group when I announced this evening that our collective fund raising efforts have now exceeded $200,000 from over 1,450 donors!

Now, after a year of preparation, all is ready for tomorrow’s launch. After Shacharit, packing and breakfast, we will depart from Katzrin for a bike tour of the Golan Heights, ending up at Merom Golan. We will ride in two groups, some choosing a 45-mile route through mid-afternoon, and others choosing a 30-mile route with some afternoon touring. We will all conclude the day on top of Mt. Bental.

Our deep appreciation to all those whose support has enabled us to raise these needed funds for Ramah special needs programs, and many thanks to so many who have wished us a safe and enjoyable ride.

Layla tov from Northern Israel.

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