What’s Included

  • Accommodations

    Seven nights in hotels and kibbutz guesthouses along the route, great meals throughout the trip, and plentiful healthy snacks and drinks at rest stops along the route.

  • Fully supported trip

    Expert trip leaders and licensed tour guides, bike mechanics, security guards and medics, ambulance escort, and supplemental medical insurance for the duration of the trip.

  • Travel

    Ground transportation to and from the airport and vehicles to transport luggage and gear.

  • Gear

    Custom Ramah Bike Ride jersey or Hiking Trip shirt and official Ramah water bottle.

  • The ramah experience

    Outstanding educational opportunities and engaging evening programs, being part of a special community of people of all ages, and an experience to last a lifetime!

What to bring

  • Helmet
    • A helmet is required and it is highly recommended that you bring your own helmet to ensure a proper fit. While helmets may be available from the company that is renting us bicycles, we will assume that you are bringing your own helmet unless you inform us otherwise.
  • Cycling shorts and riding jerseys
    • We will be cycling for five days and spending hours in the saddle. Padded cycling shorts are specifically designed for the needs of a cyclist and will make a big difference in your comfort. A bike jersey offers some features you won’t find in a T-shirt. The main benefits of a bike jersey include back pockets, a long front zipper for temperature control, a long back and shorter front to fit well while riding, and a tight fit to reduce wind drag. Biking jerseys are also made of technical material that will wick away sweat. How many shorts and jerseys you bring depends on your personal preference and willingness to wash and hang out clothing in the evening.
  • Cycling gloves
  • Biking shoes with cleats (optional) or stiff-soled sneakers
  • Synthetic bicycling socks
  • Butt balm (useful for long-distance riding)
  • Clip-on pedals (If you are renting your bicycle and want to bring your own saddle or clip-on pedals, our bike mechanics will assist you in installing them on your rental bicycle.)
  • Camelbak or similar “hydration backpack”: We will provide one refillable bottle to each rider (that fits standard water bottle cages) and there will be plenty of water stops along our route. Bringing a spare water bottle is advisable and many riders prefer using a Camelbak. It is recommended that you can hold at least 2 liters of water on you at a time.
  • DO NOT bring a bicycle lock. You will not need it.
  • NOTE: We recommend that you don’t bring CO2 pumps. They are difficult to get through security and it is hard to buy cartridges in Israel.
  • Day bags
    • Each day riders can place a “day bag” (backpack or drawstring bag) on the bus that will follow the group. This bag will be accessible at lunch and certain rest stops. We recommend that you pack in this day bag: a change of clothes, cameras, cash, hat, walking shoes (if you’re wearing cleats), swimsuit and towel, emergency needs, and other items that you might want on the road.