Hike Day Three | Ben Gurion And The Negev

Karen BrierNegev Trip 2013

This morning the hikers started our day with Julie Auerbach leading us beautifully in tefillah at S’de Boker, overlooking the site of yesterday’s challenging but incredibly satisfying descent. We then visited the gravesites of David and Paula Ben Gurion and learned about his vision of the Negev. Afterwards, we headed to Ein Avdat, where we hiked to the side of the deepest pool and studied rabbinic interpretations of a text about when Yitzchak and Rivka first met each other in the Negev. After our study, some of us did a short hike out of Zin canyon, assisted by ladders on the steepest uphills. Overlooking the canyon, we enjoyed a healthy and delicious lunch and then headed to the winery of Tal Midbar. We are all looking forward to a relaxing and meaningful Ramah Shabbat filled with sharing our stories and experiences from the last three days of this extraordinary trip.

Shabbat Shalom,
Sheila Yossem