Hike Day Five | We Will Meet Again

Karen BrierNorthern Israel Trip 2015

When we arrived in Akko six days ago, we received a “source book” from the Ramah staff with info about the hike and bike routes, Jewish history, Galilee geography, and more. A poem by Yoram Teharlev caught my eye:

“Get up and walk the country with your backpack and walking stick.
Along the way you will surely meet the land of Israel again.”

And that’s what happened. My fellow hikers and I followed our guides Ofer and Rami and we met Eretz Yisrael again. We learned to identify plants and trees and encountered most of the seven species. We hiked a portion of “Shvil Yisrael,” the Israel Trail. We stopped to admire the flowering pomegranate trees, bright red poppies and drink tea made with herbs found en route. I think we all treasured every minute of the experience.


Today we left the cool breezes of the Golan Heights and traveled to the Arbel National Park. As the temperatures rose we embarked on an ambitious hike down to Nahal Amud, a river in the Upper Galilee that flows into the Kinneret. After wading in the refreshing water we continued to hike along clear pools interspersed with small waterfalls. Our return hike was steep and hot (about 103 degrees!) and we encountered dozens of Israeli school children along the way.

We’ve arrived at Nof Ginosar, on the shore of the Kinneret, and tonight we will take our flasks filled with water from the Mediterranean and empty them into the Sea of Galilee. Our journey from sea to sea has ended, but this is one adventure that will stay with us for a very long time.

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– Linda Hoffenberg, Director of Institutional Advancement, Camp Ramah in Wisconsin