Hike Day Five | The Rainbow of Wadi Netafim

Karen BrierNegev Trip 2013

Today we once again got an early start in order to beat the heat of the day. Leaving Kibbutz Ketura and traveling 45 minutes to the rocky mountains that surround the bay of Eilat, we walked through Wadi Netafim, northwest of the city.  As we traversed the majestic mountains, we were struck by their colors turning from shades of deep brown to light brown, then to black; we were challenged by steep and narrow declines through channels of white stone and we followed narrow ledges with drops of hundreds of feet. With the terrain differing from one part of the hike to the next, our group continued to be awed and inspired by the natural beauty of the desert. When we least expected, we would gasp at the singular beauty of a tree sprouting, some even bearing berry flowers. The group thoroughly and unanimously agreed that today was a highlight and an incredible way to end our five-day hike. We forged new friendships, reminisced about our Ramah days as campers and staff members, and were excited by our conversations about new programs that National Ramah is launching (more to come about that, so keep on the lookout).

After a delicious outdoor lunch, we headed to our hotel and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the Red Sea. We joined the Ramah riders for dinner and a celebration of our mutual accomplishments. Some of us are already talking about our next Ramah Israel Hike and Bike Ride in 2015!

Layla tov from Eilat,

Sheila Yossem