Rider Profile | Harold Wolfe, Shelly Beinhacker, and Jill Linsk

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Three grandparents, all about 70 years old, have taken on the challenge of the Ramah Ride in Israel. Forty-mile biking days, steep climbs, and many hours on the road seems to delight all 3, all of whom came on the Ride because of a special connection with Ramah and their children.

Harold Wolfe of Toronto has been a great supporter of Ramah Canada and the Ramah Camping Movement for over 15 years. An avid biker, Harold joined this trip together with his son Jeff and his nephew Paul Lindzon. Harold said that “biking, Israel and Ramah are 3 of my passions, so this trip is perfect for me.”

Shelly Beinhacker from New York and Florida previously served as Business Manager for Ramah Berkshires. He joined this ride as an inspiring way of celebrating his 70th with his two sons, Avi and Stephen. At the beginning of the ride, Avi and Stephen, both strong young riders, remained in the slower group to be with dad. “I told them to ride with the faster group and not to worry about me,” said Shelly. “I have plenty of friends here and the ride support has been terrific. I expect that from Ramah and they haven’t let me down.”

The third grandparent, Jill Linsk, has three grandchildren at Ramah Canada. She was thrilled to participate with her daughter Cari Cohen and her son-in-law Mitch Cohen. “Being with my kids and raising money for a great cause makes so much sense for me. I go on many bike rides, but being together with all these wonderful people in Israel is extra special.”

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