Opening Day: Our Journey Begins

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Opening Day 2022

Tuesday, May 17

After years of planning (and rescheduling), the 2022 Ramah Israel Bike Ride and Hiking Trip to raise funds for Ramah Tikvah programs has finally begun! Our riders and hikers will journey through Northern Israel from the Northern Galilee to the Golan Heights and the Kinneret Sea.

The ongoing growth and development of Ramah Tikvah programs, furthering the inclusion of more children and young adults with disabilities at our camps, continues to inspire us all.

Today, our riders and hikers arrived in Merom Golan for opening day. Much preparation has taken place, including setting up bikes, giving out clothes and gear, detailed briefings from our professional staff from Bike Jerusalem and Ramah Israel, a map overview, and safety instructions—and we are ready to go!

Our riders and hikers began to bond as a group, sharing Ramah stories as well as biking and hiking tips. Ranging in age from 13-82, our riders and hikers represent several generations; locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Israel, and all Ramah camp regions. We have 132 participants overall. (View complete list here.)

A great cheer went up from the group this evening when we announced that our collective efforts have now raised over $590,000 from more than 3,000 donors! All is now ready for our launch tomorrow. After Shacharit and breakfast, our riders and hikers will depart for the day. During the coming week, riders will choose one of three routes daily, averaging 25, 45, or 65 miles each day. Hikers will explore many beautiful and scenic trails as they traverse Northern Israel. Our trip will culminate with all riders and hikers celebrating on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea next Monday evening.

We extend our deep appreciation to all those whose support has enabled us to raise these needed funds for Tikvah programs, and many thanks to all of those who have wished us a safe and enjoyable trip.

Layla Tov from Merom Golan,

Amy Skopp Cooper, National Ramah Director
Rabbi Mitch Cohen, Senior Advisor
Rami Schwartzer, Trip Coordinator

Our Participants Say….

“So happy to be back in Israel after three years. Israel. Biking. Ramah. Tikvah. It can’t get any better than that.” – Cliff Nerwen (6th trip)

“I’ve been involved with Camp Ramah since 1973. Once Tikvah came to Ramah Poconos, it brought a whole new feel to the camp. I found that my experience last time on the trip that this kehillah is a very special one and I wanted to be part of it again.” – Miriam Lefkowitz (2nd trip)

“The birds are singing. The flowers smell wonderful. Sitting in that opening session and singing Hatikvah with people from all the Ramah camps. My heart is full.” – Fran Sherman (2nd trip)

“I was excited to hear about a bike trip in Israel and we are getting more involved in Ramah Galim. We’ve been waiting for two years!” – Laura Wildmann (1st trip)

“I’m here because I wanted to see Israel from the seat of the saddle and I wanted to support Tikvah. I know from my time as a camper and a counselor that it’s a really important program.” – Jonah Grant (1st trip)

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Our Trip “By the Numbers”

  • 69 returning alumni riders, hikers, or volunteers
  • 23 current or former camp board members representing almost every Ramah camp
  • 13 participants 70 years of age and older
  • 12 participants under the age of 30
  • 12 current or former camp presidents: Guy Alberga – Canada, Debbie Albert – Poconos, Josh Charlat – Canada, Sheldon Disenhouse – Canada, Steve Goldstein – Berkshires, Arnie Harris – Wisconsin, Gabe Nechamkin – Ramah Sports Academy, Jay Reisbaum – California/NorCal, Jonathan Sherman – Wisconsin, Don Skupsky – Rockies, Michael Wachs – Poconos, Howard Zandman – Darom
  • 9 parent/child combinations
  • 9 rabbis and 1 rabbinical school student: Jordan Bendat-Appell, Mark Cooper, Mitch Cohen, Ed Gelb, Gary Greene, Navah Levine, Lara Rodin (JTS rabbinical school student), Steve Rubenstein, Rami Schwartzer, Steven Wernick
  • 7 current or former Tikvah staff members
  • 6 parents of current or former Tikvah campers
  • 6 current or former Ramah camp directors: Jordan Bendat-Appell – Canada, Mitch Cohen – Canada, Amy Skopp Cooper – Nyack, Ed Gelb – New England, Jennafer Miller – RSA, Rami Schwartzer – Greater DC Day Camp

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