Day 2: Reaching New Heights: From the Golan to the Galim

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Thursday, May 19

As Day 2 comes to an end and we settle in at Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, we reflect on all we’ve accomplished so far:

  • Tough mountain climbs
  • Beautiful views of the Kinneret from our hiking trails
  • Meaningful evening programs featuring Tikvah alumnus Debbie Margolis, new research on Hannah Senesh presented by hiker Scott Miller, and an address from MK Rabbi Gilad Kariv
  • Inspiring conversations with many members of our Ramah family

And we’re feeling tremendous gratitude for the fundraising for Ramah Tikvah programs. Thank you!

Today’s ride took all bikers along a northern route from Merom Golan towards the panhandle of the Galil, the northernmost section of pre-1967 Israel. 

Shoafim bikers rode through the Odem Forest and the Druze village of Massade. Before entering the Galilee Panhandle, they visited two of the three main tributaries of the Jordan River. They first stopped at the Nahal Hermon Nature Reserve (better known as the “Banias”), where they are lunch. They then toured the amazing Tel Dan Nature Reserve.

Bogrim and Mumchim bikers headed north through the Druze village of Majdal Shams, where riders chose to either climb up Mt. Hermon, the highest point in Israel, by bike or bus. (The ride up to Mt. Hermon is about 5 miles and 1,500 feet of elevation.) After a break at the top of the mountain, riders could cycle down or take the bus, eventually all riding west along route 99 towards pre-1967 Israel. On the way, they paid their respects at the memorial for the Egoz Commando Unit near the grave of the Druze prophet Nebi Hazuri, then joined up with the Shoafim for a lunch stop at the Banias. 

Bogrim bikers continued west on route 99, and then for a short time on the Israel Trail. Mumchim bikers turned northwest along the Israel Trail and onto the main route 90 all the way to Metulla, at the northern tip of Israel. From the Dado Lookout (named for former Chief of Staff of the IDF, David Elazar), they saw Israel’s northern border and into Lebanon. 

All biking groups completed the day at Kibbutz Kfar Giladi.

Moderate hikers rode the bus to Kibbutz Mevo Hama. They walked along the clifftop promenade overlooking the Sea of Galilee to Kfar Haruv, ending at Mitzpe HaShalom, the Peace Vista. After lunch, they rode the bus to Kibbutz Afik and explored the Ein Pik natural spring. 

Advanced hikers rode to the outskirts of Kibbutz Afik, and began to hike along Nahal Fik, passing the natural spring of Ein Pik. They then headed south along the Golan Trail to the Nahal Meitzar Nature Reserve. After lunch, they continued hiking along the Golan Trail.

Before joining the bikers at Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, all hikers met up at the Bahat Wine Cellar and De Karina Boutique Chocolate Factory for a tasting and shopping.

Layla Tov from Kfar Giladi,
Amy Skopp Cooper, National Ramah Director
Rabbi Mitch Cohen, Senior Advisor
Rami Schwartzer, Trip Coordinator

Our Participants Say….

It was breathtaking to walk alongside the Kinneret this morning. I hope more people come to see the beautiful land of Israel. I’m enjoying this trip because I love Ramah and I love Israel.” –Scott Miller

My third time on a Ramah hike is just as special as my first and second with spectacular scenery and wonderful people to share it with.” –Vivian Fried

It was exceptionally challenging to climb Har Hermon. But it was amazing to watch how other people pushed themselves today and challenged themselves to get higher and higher. When we got to the top it felt like we got to the top as a team. You felt proud of yourself and for the person next to you.” –Lara Rodin

“This is my third ride with Ramah. My family is strongly connected to Ramah and there’s nothing more meaningful than supporting the Tikvah program. The combination of Ramah, Israel, Tikvah, and community is fantastic.” Bob Mindel

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